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If you have ever been here, you have felt it: the unique, urban campus we call home, where everything is possible and nothing is out of reach. Every story on this page is a personal reflection on our history. You can sort and read stories by category, or browse them below. And dont forget to share your own story. We know it’s a good one.

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Bidisha Mitra's IUPUI story

Chancellor Nasser H. Paydar and Bidisha Mitra at the Elite 50 Celebration

Accepting the Indiana Biomedical Gateway doctoral program offer to hopping onto a 28-hour Indianapolis-bound plane and reaching my non-living companion at Gardens of Canal Court for... Read more of Bidisha Mitra's IUPUI story

Bidisha Mitra, Class of 2019

Ben Risinger's IUPUI story

I didn't know what to expect when I was looking for graduate schools back in 2010. I LOVED meeting with Bob Dittmer and seeing how wonderful he was with the students, so I chose... Read more of Ben Risinger's IUPUI story

Ben Risinger, School of Liberal Arts Faculty, Class of 2013

Sourabh Katariya's IUPUI story

Sourabh Katariya and a woman at graduation

From deciding to pursue higher education outside my home country to graduating from IUPUI, my journey has come full circle. With a location set right downtown, IUPUI brings... Read more of Sourabh Katariya's IUPUI story

Sourabh Katariya, Class of 2019

Danielle Parker's IUPUI story

As I reflect on my time at IUPUI, it is hard to summarize my experience at the university into one memory, but if I was going to pick one of my best memories from IUPUI, it would have to... Read more of Danielle Parker's IUPUI story

Danielle Parker, Class of 2017

Tinuade Ilori's IUPUI story

It really has been an all new educational experience for me at IUPUI, from the physical classroom itself to the teaching and learning style. My confidence in public speaking has been... Read more of Tinuade Ilori's IUPUI story

Tinuade Ilori, Class of 2019

Leah (Lee) Hartsock's IUPUI story

My name is Leah (Lee) Hartsock, and I am an original student of IUPUI. I was able to attend the celebration party on January 24, 2019, and enjoyed it very much. My first connection with... Read more of Leah (Lee) Hartsock's IUPUI story

Leah (Lee) Hartsock, Class of 1982

Ed Byrne's IUPUI story

I arrived at the newly formed IUPUI in 1969 and soon found myself on a joint IU-Purdue committee charged with proposing institutional structures for our academic units. We were stymied... Read more of Ed Byrne's IUPUI story

Ed Byrne, School of Liberal Arts Emeritus Faculty

Florence Walters Rogers's IUPUI story

I started working at IUPUI on January 16, 1974, in the Biology Department and later transferred to the School of Science Dean's Office. The office was located in the Krannert... Read more of Florence Walters Rogers's IUPUI story

Florence Walters Rogers, School of Science Retired Staff

Tonya Hersha's IUPUI story

In 2015, I escaped an abusive marriage. I came to Indianapolis with my 15-year-old daughter, some clothes, a mattress, and a few kitchen items. I was determined to show my daughter... Read more of Tonya Hersha's IUPUI story

Tonya Hersha, Class of 2021

Manjit Trehan's IUPUI story

In 1980, a young student stood in a long line outside of Cavanaugh Hall. Registration for classes was a daunting task of walking a piece of paper through that line and to the... Read more of Manjit Trehan's IUPUI story

Manjit Trehan, UITS Staff, Kelley School of Business Faculty

Orthi Sikder's IUPUI story

Orthi Sikder

I am an enthusiastic learner. I have longed to be admitted to a research university since my... Read more of Orthi Sikder's IUPUI story

Orthi Sikder, Class of 2020

Justine Oppelt's IUPUI story

Justine Oppelt

IUPUI has prepared and made me a great working professional. With only one of year of college under my belt, I was hired by the IU Robert H. McKinney School of Law to work in their... Read more of Justine Oppelt's IUPUI story

Justine Oppelt, Class of 2021

Erika Thomison's IUPUI story

When I began my college career at 37 years old, I had never stepped foot on a college campus. To say I was filled with apprehension was an understatement. I started with freshman... Read more of Erika Thomison's IUPUI story

Erika Thomison, Class of 2019

Claudia Dille's IUPUI story

Former University Library Dean David Lewis, Claudia Dille, and IUPUI Chancellor Nasser H. Paydar at the 2018 Spirit of Philanthropy luncheon

I have had various connections to IUPUI since 1970: Staff: RN, Surgical ICU; Nursing... Read more of Claudia Dille's IUPUI story

Claudia Dille, School of Nursing Staff and Faculty, Class of 1978

Connie Coover-Lewis's IUPUI story

I had only been at the University of Iowa for one year when I met the love of my life and got married. I worked to help put my husband through law school. His career brought us to... Read more of Connie Coover-Lewis's IUPUI story

Connie Coover-Lewis, Class of 1984

Mariam Sylla's IUPUI story

IUPUI has changed me in many ways. I have met so many wonderful people that have been there to support me; I couldn’t ask for a better environment. I am involved in many... Read more of Mariam Sylla's IUPUI story

Mariam Sylla, Class of May 2020

Oluwadamilola Ayoola's IUPUI story

The time I spent at McKinney School of Law was some of the most important and rewarding of my life. The professors really challenged me to think differently and that made me more... Read more of Oluwadamilola Ayoola's IUPUI story

Oluwadamilola Ayoola, Class of 2018

John Blazier's IUPUI story

IUPUI will always be in my heart. I began my college career in the fall of 1969 when I was admitted to IU at their extension school in downtown Indianapolis. I was there when IUPUI was... Read more of John Blazier's IUPUI story

John Blazier, Class of 1974

Myron Duff's IUPUI story

On October 18, 1968, I was born in Coleman Hall on the soon-to-be IUPUI campus. Therefore, as IUPUI is turning 50 years old, so am I. If I ever become Chancellor of IUPUI, I would like for my address to be on the doorsteps of Coleman Hall.

Myron Duff, Office of Community Engagement Staff

Gary Seng's IUPUI story

I have many great memories of my time at IUPUI as a chemistry major. From challenging classes to Chemistry Department events, to social events, to football games, to the ACS Affiliate... Read more of Gary Seng's IUPUI story

Gary Seng, Class of 1973

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