Keith Anliker

Faces of IUPUI: Keith Anliker

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Keith Anliker delivers a chemistry lecture. Photo by Liz Kaye, IU Communications

If you don't already follow Keith Anliker on Twitter, you should! There, he celebrates his #FabStudents, dons his IUPUI 50th Anniversary baseball cap, and takes followers along on his adventures across campus and across the country. This is all in a day's work for Anliker, senior lecturer in the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at the IUPUI School of Science, who began as a staff member more than 30 years ago and became faculty in 2002. Over the years, he has seen dramatic transformations in the city, on our campus, and in his classroom.

"In my time here, I've seen huge changes in IUPUI's infrastructure, but also in our students, faculty, and staff," Anliker said.

His adaptability to the everchanging landscape of higher education, along with his unique ability to build and maintain meaningful relationships with students and faculty alike, has contributed to his decades-long success at IUPUI.

"I just love higher education and how we do it at IUPUI. It is such an optimistic endeavor. New students all the time. New plans for our courses. New technologies and new teaching methods that we are hopeful will improve student success," said Anliker.

His teaching philosophy and approach to curriculum are focused on establishing relatable connections to chemistry and providing opportunities for student engagement that will contribute to their overall success. Anliker extends his impact through his role as coordinator of the Chemistry Resource Center, as faculty advisor for the IUPUI Chemistry Club, and as course coordinator for the Gateway to Graduation program, a faculty-led effort to improve learning outcomes and retention for first-year students.

Keith Anliker speaks to a student after class.
Keith Anliker wears his 50th Anniversary hat outside of the School of Science.
Keith Anliker works in his office.

From top: Anliker speaks to a student after class; Anliker takes a selfie outside of the School of Science with his 50th Anniversary hat; Anliker works in his office surrounded by IUPUI paraphernalia he's collected over his years of teaching. First and third photos by Liz Kaye, IU Communications; Second photo courtesy of Keith Anliker

Anliker has been honored time and again for his excellence in teaching with awards including the Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching, School of Science Lecturer Service Award, Trustees Teaching Award from University College, and Glenn W. Irwin, Jr. M.D. Experience Excellence Award. Anliker was inducted into the Faculty Academy on Excellence in Teaching in 2007 and serves on their steering committee to help promote and sustain teaching and learning excellence at IUPUI.

"Keith is one of those special people that brings dedication and commitment to all aspects of our mission. He is an outstanding teacher who is devoted to student success; he is a valued faculty member in the School of Science who always works for the general good; and his enthusiasm in the academic domain makes me very proud to be his colleague," said Simon J. Rhodes, dean of the School of Science.

"I have truly been able to live my dream at IUPUI because of the wonderful people who have supported me and because of the students that I've gotten to know and connect with. I hope that IUPUI can continue to be a place where students grow and excel for the next 50 years," Anliker said.